Boxing Gloves for Kids

Is your little one an aspiring boxer? Are you a boxer and want your child to participate in the sport? If so, you want the highest quality kids boxing gear possible to keep your little loves one safe. You want to protect their hands and keep them encouraged and motivated in the sport as much as possible by avoiding as much pain as you can. And importantly to the kids, they want to look the part. They want the boxing gear the professionals wear, that they see their heroes wear on TV. You can trust that when you buy kids boxing gear from Ringside Boxing Australia that you’re only getting the best kids boxing gear available online with the most advanced technology in the industry. You can trust us for quality kids boxing gear, whether it be for boxing mitts or boxing shoes.

What Kid’s Boxing Gear Do You Have in Youth Sizes?

We offer a range of kid’s protective gear, gloves in smaller apparel sizes for children as young as two years old. We also have: Bag gloves

  • Hand wraps
  • A kid’s boxing set with headgear, a bag and gloves
  • Face saver headgear
  • Sparring gloves
  • Striker training gloves
  • Junior mouthguards
  • Kid’s boxing groin protector
  • And of course kid’s boxing gloves for fitness

Is Your Kids Boxing Gear Affordable?

With training gloves starting as low as $34.99 we have options for every budget. We make quality kids boxing gear affordable and within range. We want everyone to enjoy the sport of boxing and for it to be accessible to little dreamers everywhere. You simply can’t afford not to have quality equipment when it comes to boxing. Just as it’s important to you, their safety is our number one priority. Our economical prices make the best protection within reach for fitness training, beginner’s classes and even junior competition. Our patented technology foam padding system means that when you buy kids boxing gear online from us that it will be built to last. They are highly shock absorbent and, most importantly to the parents, they are easy to clean. For the kids, we have all their favourite colours and will have them looking like a pro.

Our Youth Boxing set is the perfect starter kit for the little champion in your home. It comes with a mini heavy bag that weighs just two pounds and elastic chin strapped slip-on headgear. It also arrives with a set of boxing gloves you can slide without any laces. The mini heavy bag is 17 inches long by 5 inches and is perfect for little tykes ages 2-5 years old.

All our products come with a money back guarantee and we offer fast shipping. Check our easy to use sizing chart for the perfect fit. Simply use a measuring tape and measure around their right hand if right-handed and left if left handed. There are also easy to follow measuring instructions and videos here on our website for the perfect fit for snug and protective headgear.