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Let's be frank. Boxing can be a dangerous sport. It's no coincidence that brain injuries are quite prevalent at the professional level and that's compared to other combat sports including kickboxing, grappling, and MMA. Repeated hits to the head can take their toll. It's important to ensure that all the training you do as a boxer or an instructor is safety-focused meaning that you're using quality equipment and the right equipment to strengthen your skills. It's a great habit to train consistently, and we'll talk about the ways in which regular training can benefit you physically and mentally, but we need to take a moment and discuss why having the proper equipment as a trainer is also imperative to prevent injuries.

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When we talk about training in the sport of boxing, we are talking about a plethora of solo and partner regimens based on where a boxer is in their career. If you're just starting out, most minimal training routines are composed of learning how to hit the heavy bag, speed bag, and the double end bag. Another traditional method for beginning boxers is to practice shadow boxing in a mirror to visualise their techniques. Other popular exercises for beginners include jumping rope, jogging, and cardio exercises to foster endurance.

If you're a professional or amateur boxer, your training needs are going to be very different from the needs of a beginner. A big part of higher level training is training with a partner while they wear a pair of punch mitts. Boxing is widely considered to be one of the most physically demanding sports similar only to sports like swimming (which utilise every muscle group in the body). Because of how physically demanding boxing can be it's important to make sure that the boxer and the trainer are both well equipped to keep themselves safe and reduce their chance of injuries.

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Training is the essential training practice of all recreational and professional boxers. The purpose of training is simply to hone skills and promote fitness. Training should always consist of the use of equipment designed to protect the safety of the boxer and the trainer. This gear consists of a gumshield, a groin guard, and a head guard. If you're a woman, you might also purchase a chest guard to provide added protection and comfort when you're training. Training gloves are different than the set of gloves you use in a fight. Most training mitts are often thicker than actual competition mitts.

If you need new equipment, Ringside Boxing Australia provides all the training gear you need allowing you to buy punch mitts online in addition to training bags and specialised training equipment. If you order today, we offer a 15% discount code on our website so you can save a little money if you're just getting into the sport of boxing or you're a professional and want to try some new equipment.

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