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If you've been boxing for a while now or have at least been paying attention to the sport you might've noticed that something's different at the Olympic level of boxing. For the first time in over thirty years, boxers are ditching their boxing head gear at the professional level.

The decision to forego boxing head gear was discussed intensely by amateur boxing's governing association the AIBA. A new trend has emerged after decades of recommending that people wear boxing helmets because referees had to stop matches frequently due to head injuries and concussions which were often a bigger problem for boxers wearing headgear. Whether or not it's safer to ditch boxing head gear is up for debate because it's a very complicated problem in the sport.

However, not wearing boxing headgear is not recommended at the training level as it's possible to be caught off guard by a punch and risk a head injury.

Considerations When Buying Boxing Head Gear

Don't hold off on buying boxing head gear just yet, if you’re an amateur or a professional in training it’s important to have a sturdy helmet. It's important to understand why wearing boxing headgear is assumed to increase the rate of concussions. AIBA has a few theories about how this phenomenon occurs. Boxing headgear usually makes it harder to see, so boxers are unable to dodge as well as they are in practice. Some specialists believe that headgear creates a false sense of comfort and causes boxers to take more risks. The last hypothesis is that it also makes fighters' heads a much bigger target.

Another caveat that AIBA has discovered is that concussions aren't the only types of head injuries that boxers contract. There's a myriad of long-term life-altering consequences of repetitive head trauma due to repeated sub concussive blows over time. For many boxers who don't report concussions they still show visible signs of brain damage in MRI scans.

Before you buy, check out your potential boxing head gear online

These repeated blows to the head, which don't have any immediate effects, could also lead to a relatively common disease for professional boxers known as CTE or, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. With a concussion, you're able to see the damage over time and diagnose it. It's possible to develop brain damage that's hard to detect on an MRI and CTE is particularly difficult to see in a normal MRI. It is believed that while boxing head gear might increase the risk for concussions, not wearing head gear could allow straight jabs which aren't as dangerous.

Many authorities still recommend that if you're practising as a professional or if you're a recreational boxer that you buy proper head gear for the gym. That's because the risks of developing a concussion from sparring and general training are very low. Ringside Boxing Australia enables you to buy boxing head gear online in addition to all the other equipment necessary to train safely and conquer the ring. Check out Ringside Boxing Australia today and get a 15% off coupon on your next order!

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