Buy Boxing Hand Wraps Online in Australia

Hand wraps are essential when you're practising safe boxing. The purpose of boxing hand wraps is to protect the boxer's most valuable tool, their hands! Our hands are made up of many small joints and bones that can easily be fractured from the impact of many and repeated punches. Hand wraps are designed to provide support for the boxer's wrists, fingers, knuckles, and their entire hand. It's a common misconception that hand wraps are intended to create an extra cushion to protect our knuckles when we throw a punch. The hand wraps' purpose is not to cushion the impact of a blow; that's what the boxing gloves do.

Buy boxing hand wraps to prevent injuries

Boxing hand wraps are designed to apply pressure to your hand to secure all your loose joints and moveable bones. As the pressure from the boxing hand wrap is applied to your hands, the shock is better distributed across the hand reducing inflammation from repeated impacts. You don't want your joints shifting freely when your fists strike an object or your trainer's gloves. This is one of the common reasons that many beginners experience fractures or tension strains when just starting out with sparring. One way to make sure that your boxing hand wrap is secured properly is your hand should make a solid fist when you have your hands closed. If your hands are loose when you punch, it's very easy for sensitive joints in your hand to break or collapse. Even if you don't fracture your hand, you don't want to risk severe hand injuries that can prevent you from boxing or at the very worse doing other things in your life like working on a computer, writing, or carrying things. It's important to protect your hands for life outside of the boxing ring.

Other Excellent Boxing Tips

Some other common tips to keep in mind are that everything should feel good. You want to make sure that once you buy boxing hand wraps that your hand is a fist when you close it and that there's proper blood flow to the fingers when your hand is relaxed. If your hands hurt or your fingers begin turning white or yellowish, that's a clear sign that your boxing wraps are too tight. Another pro tip is that there is a myriad of ways to wrap your boxing hand wraps, so it's important to experiment with different wrap styles that you find online or that your instructor teaches you and use the style that makes your hand feel the most comfortable and that's the easiest for you to learn.

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