Sparring gloves

The Best IMF Sparring Gloves Available in Australia

If you want the best sparring gloves in boxing, you need injected moulded foam or IMF technology used in the sparring gloves you buy online. IMF Tech™ is the most advanced technology ever used in the manufacturing of sparring gloves and boxing mitts. Offering comfort, protection and durability, IMF sparring gloves are exclusive to Ringside Boxing Australia and are not available for purchase anywhere else you buy sparring gloves online. The difference between using IMF and Non-IMF can be felt in the condition of your hands, longevity of your workout and the length of time your sparring gloves withstand use. IMF sparring gloves maintain safety both for your hands and your sparring partner.

Not All Sparring Gloves You Buy Online Are Created Equal

Our competitors use rebond, the spongy speckled material used in the pads that are laid down on flooring prior to carpet installation. Rebond is made from recycled scraps of urethane foam that is high-density. It is commonly used in automotive and furniture manufacturing. Rebond breaks down quickly with repeated use, doesn’t force you to buy another pair sooner rather than later. This inexpensive low-quality material does not provide accurate shock absorption, causing your hands to feel more of the impact when you punch, instead of the boxing bag or your opponent. This means that when you buy other sparring gloves online your stamina and comfort will be diminished when you spar.

Injected moulded foam is our patented formula that is injected in an anatomically correct shape curving to the outside of your fists and forming a single moulded foam layer. This foam layer is firmer yet shock absorbent, long lasting and could be the difference between you going an extra round. It is then covered with the highest quality outer shell and stitched together with superior quality. The hook and loop closures with full wrap-around allow you to get a fit that is the securest possible to your hands. This technology is exclusive and not available anywhere else you buy sparring gloves online.

How Can I Buy Sparring Gloves Online That Last Three Times Longer?

You want to go the distance in your workout routine and last round after round. When it’s time to throw in the towel, you want it to be because you heard the bell ring or it was your choice to stop and not because your sparring gloves forced you to quit. Ringside’s exclusive IMF Tech ™ sparring gloves last up to three times longer over the traditional rebond padded sparring gloves sold elsewhere online, in Australia or anywhere else worldwide.

Single layer foam versus multiple layers of padding is key when you buy sparring gloves or boxing mitts. As you can imagine, if your sparring gloves are composed of multiple layers, with repeated hits, the layers are already separated so they start to shift, separate further and breakdown. Single layer foam maintains its solid yet flexible and absorbent surface, allowing you and your gloves to withstand the fight. Our sparring gloves are available in wide range of stylish colours and options for amateur boxers, professionals and fitness enthusiasts. Available in regular 14 oz and large 16 oz sizes, we manufacture sparring gloves for men, women and youths.