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Can I Trust That When I Buy Boxing Equipment Online It Will Be Good Quality?

While not all distributors of boxing equipment online are created equal, we manufacture equipment with our exclusive patented technology precisely to be an uppercut above the rest. We offer apparel, protective head gear, training equipment, boxing gloves, shoes, shorts, mitts, accessories and more. We are a complete source for all your boxing equipment needs. Our standards are unparalleled, so much that we are trusted by boxing and professional athletes. In fact, we are the official boxing equipment supply partner for the Collingwood Football Club. If the largest sporting club in Australia can trust us to protect their bodies, then so can you.

Why Should I Choose Boxing Equipment from Ringside Boxing Australia?

We began 40 years ago on a journey to find the best boxing equipment to protect sensitive knuckles and wrists developed from the effects of boxing over time. We found that nothing had the extra padding needed to adequately protect the hand’s injury prone areas. We constantly sought and developed Ringside’s innovative technology to meet this need and are passionate about empowering our customers for amateur & professional boxing and fitness training. We strive to make quality boxing equipment affordable and educate buyers of boxing equipment online to feel confident enough to pursue greatness on their fitness journey through boxing. We supply coaches, trainers and boxing fitness enthusiasts with quality boxing equipment throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

What Deals Do You Offer When You Buy Boxing Equipment Online?

Everyone loves a great deal, so everyone wants to know what kind of deal they can get for buying boxing equipment online. You probably already know it will be a better deal than when you buy it in the store, but are wondering if you can pick the correct boxing equipment without trying it out in person. Well rest assured that we offer a 7-day money back guarantee on all your boxing equipment purchases online. That’s right, you can shop safely and securely knowing that if you’re not happy when you buy boxing equipment online with us, we will refund your purchase.

The other advantage when you buy boxing equipment as an online shopper, is that we offer a larger selection than most of our competitors. At Ringside Boxing Australia, you’re not paying for the expensive overhead brick and mortar store owners add to your price. We pass the savings on to you and have a wide selection of boxing equipment with everything from classic designs and colours to flashy looks to make you stand out in the ring. We even have retro looks that pay homage to the early years of boxing pros who established the sport.

And the winner and still champion is you, because we have a special offer for your first-time purchase. All new customers who buy boxing equipment online can enjoy 15% off your first purchase (excluding times of promotions). Even better, we offer free shipping on all orders of $150 or more with lightning fast delivery.

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