Get the Look with Ringside’s Boxing Shorts Online

Boxing shorts are the quintessential item after gloves that you need that really makes you look and feel like a boxer. When you put them on and look in the mirror, you immediately get into position and start to bob and weave on your tiptoes. Often a change of mindset is half the battle. Once we begin to take on that fighter’s mentality, we imagine ourselves as our favourite inspirational boxer and will punch harder, last longer and keep fighting.

Why Do I Have to Buy Boxing Shorts?

It is simple. Do you really want to look like that guy in the gym who’s wasting his time on the bag, taking up space for the serious boxers to take their turn? If you’re throwing jabs in your basketball shorts, you look like you’re just playing around. At the least, we know you take your fitness and the intensity of your workout seriously. What’s more is that when it’s time to spar and things get hot and heavy, your gym shorts may not stay up any longer than any of Floyd Mayweather’s opponents!

Seriously, all jokes aside, here are some other great reasons to choose to buy boxing shorts online:
• The extra garter within boxing shorts some believe may stabilize your lower back
• The extra thick waistband catches any sweat running down your back
• Regular shorts tend to shift and ride up with movement creating an annoyance
• Regular shorts may not stay up and create an embarrassing moment
• Drawstrings on gym shorts may cause your shorts to sag and your fight will be interrupted by constantly having to pull them up
• High waistbands can cover up some of your belly fat if your lower abs are not up to par
• Some believe you can withstand more body shots if you wear your shorts higher
• Buy boxing shorts for increased durability over gym shorts
• Boxing shorts are more appropriate for sparring
• They are a must-have for fights in the ring
• A championship belt looks way better on pro boxing shorts

What Sets Ringside’s Boxing Shorts Apart from Others Online?

Ringside Boxing Australia’s trunks are heavy duty enough to withstand the fight, without weighing you down. Our quality drawstring boxing shorts are made from a super thick satin with an embroidered professional logo on the left hem. Choose from stylish red and white, classic black and white or blue and white colours. Sizes range from small to double XXL.

Our shorts do not have the appearance of professional shorts with low quality material and only a professional boxing design aesthetic. They truly are the shorts worn by Australia’s professional athletes, and therefore are the preferred boxing shorts of amateurs and those who enjoying boxing as their total body workout of choice. We are the official provider that Australia’s Collingwood Football Club trusts for all their boxing shorts online and training equipment. When you already have our exclusive gloves and other training equipment, why not complete the look with the shorts to match.

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